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Maki Takafuji Series

Maki Takafuji says:

"This series of mallets not only has the capacity to produce clear, powerful, and accurate sound, but also a warm richness in rolls and tremolos, displaying a wide range of expressive capability. With a firm, low-pliability(flexibility) rattan handle and a perfectly calibrated weight, it’s easy to control, and suitable for a variety of uses, including marimba, solo repertoire on the vibraphone, and ensembles.

Maki Takafuji is an international concert performer and she´s associate professor at Nagoya College of Music.

Heavier mallets. Soft thermoplastic core with little bit more of wool. The head is wrapped with a few less tension. The mallets produces a warm sound on marimba but it is still very clear and precise when playing on the vibraphone.

The wool is special, it is not in a specific color all the time, so each head is different and all the sets of mallets are unique.

Shaft: rattan 38,5 cm +/- 10 mm diameter
Wooden shaft: 38,5 cm same price
Interior head: thermoplastic
Wool tension: less than vibes series
Weight: +/- 42 - 46 gr